Operation on the air the call sign RT65KI during the period  from 19 - 25 August from the island of Idlidly AS-065.

Members of the expedition:


UA0KBG Yury Savchenko


UA3AKO Victor Slabodchikov


RA3AV Alexander Ivanov


There will be two operation positions.
Bands: 40, 30, 20, 17, 15 and 10 meters;  CW/SSB/FT8 (soft wsjt_1.9, mode FT8 for expeditions)
RIGs: Elecraft K3 – 2 pcs, FT-897 (redundant)
Amplifier: 500 watts  - 2 pc, 700 watts   - 1 pc, (one is redundant)
Antennas: TH3-MK4 (3 element Yagi for 20/15/10m), 20m – 4SQ, 40/30/17 – separate GPs
Electricity  - 4 KW generator – 2 pcs (one is redundant)

 Log upload planned on daily bases via the Satcom IRIDIUM

P.S. Exact dates of start and finishing will depend on the local logistics and weather conditions, at that the stay at the island is planned at least 5-7 days.


Route of the expedition to Idlidlya Island, August 2018.

Expedition track plan RT65KI

- 09 august, airplane, Moscow - Anadyr: UA3AKO, RA3AV.

- 10 august, Anadyr, team fee: UA0KBG, UA3AKO, RA3AV.

- 13 august, airplane to the settlement of LAVRENTIYA.

- 16 august helicopter to the settlement of NESHKAN.