Video report of expedition

New option for delivering a souvenir magnet, through the QSL bureau (except UK).

The cost of one magnet via QSL bureau = 1$.

Today received a message from the manager IOTA K3EST.

"Dear Victor!
Thank you very much for all the great photos and documents! The website is also very informative. Thank you for the link.
What a great job the team did from this rare IOTA.

The activation of AS-065 as RT65KI is approved/validated for IOTA credit!

Congratulation to all involved!

Best 73,
Bob, K3EST
IOTA Validation Team"

The cost of one magnet by mail:
- a simple letter = 3$
- registered letter = 6$
PAYPAL address: iwanowastro(@)

The expedition is completed, all participants are at home.

Team has arrived to Lavrentia. Plane from Lavrentia to Anadyr scheduled on September, 4

Team left island and arrived to Neshkan safety. Helicopter from Neshkan to Lavrentiya should be on Thursday.

Team had to make QRT due the good weather window tomorrow to leave island. They are working now on bringing equipment to shore and planning to leave ilsand on Tuesday morning.

The log has been uploaded into Clublog

The team is douing well having some troubles with beam and 20m vertical antenna. But will try to fix tomorrow and install 4 SQ antenna for 40m. All team membera are very busy. If time permits they will try to upload online log tomorrow. Now in the log about 3000 QSO.

The team started to warm airwaves at 0630 UTC. Now they have one antenna installed and one operational site.

Tomorrow after sunrise they will instal tribander, Force 12 and antennas for 30 and 40m, also second operational site.

Team is doing well having strong wind on the island. They are asking do not make dupes.

Team found another generator, checked it outside village, all are working properly. They will try to reach island and to be on the air tomorrow. Stay tunes

The team is already in Neshkan and even had the opportunity to visit the island to find a place for the camp. Today they checked the generator and found out that it was giving a big interference to the radio. Therefore, tomorrow they will try to find a replacement for him. If everything goes well and the weather allows, they will arrive on the island on Sunday or Monday local time.

The team spent few hours in a plane in Anadyr airport waiting for good weather and finally made it arriving to Lavrentiya. If weather permits they will fly to Neshkan by helicopter tomorrow.

With good weather in Anadyr today still very strong wind in Lavrentia (1h 40min flight). Flight postponed again until around 2030 UTC, August, 14.

Team spent 7 hours in airport waiting for flight from Anadyr to Lavrentia. But due to strong side wind flight has benn postponed. Next attempt will be tomorrow.


At 1710 UTC two team members Victor, UA3AKO and Alex, RA3AV have departed Moscow (Vnukovo) heading towards Anadyr.


The cargo has arrived in the settlement Neshkan

Our main cargo has arrived by sea in the settlement Neshkan. This logistic stage made us to worry, since delivery time was being changed badly several times. Besides at the time of the ship arriving to the settlement there was a lot of ice near the shore, which was driven by the northern wind. The ship had to stay several days waiting for a possibility to approach to the shore and today it managed to!

10 may received call sign for the expedition RT65KI


Purchased tickets:

*  Moscow - Anadyr (airplane), departure 9 august

* Anadyr - Lavrentiya (airplane), departure 13 august

* Lavrentiya - Neshkan (helicopter), departure 16 august